1835 Capped Bust Quarter. B-5. Rarity-3. AU-53 (PCGS). CAC.

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Splendid AU 1835 Capped Bust Quarter
CAC Approved

1835 Capped Bust Quarter. B-5. Rarity-3. AU-53 (PCGS). CAC.
A lovely patina of olive and steel blue hues paints the surfaces of this attractive AU example. The strike is uniform and bold throughout, delivering sharp definition in the intricate regions. Dramatic die cracks bisect the obverse, aiding in the attribution of the Browning-5 die marriage.
The Reduced Size Capped Bust series as a type is conditionally challenging, and problem-free example like the present are surprisingly sparse. Struck to a quantity of over 1.9 million coins, only about 5,000 examples are thought to remain for today's collectors. Handsome AU coins are in high demand and this example is ideal for a carefully assembled type set or collection of quarter by die variety.
PCGS# 5354. NGC ID: 23S2.

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