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1884-O Morgan Silver Dollar. MS-67+ (NGC).

Price $3,750.00

Superb Gem 1884-O Morgan Dollar
MS-67+ (NGC)

Nearly Finest Known

1884-O Morgan Silver Dollar. MS-67+ (NGC).
This is a brilliant, snowy-white Superb Gem showcasing virtually pristine surfaces. The devices are richly frosted and sharp, framed by reflective and satiny fields on both sides. Captivating to examine in-hand and essentially untouched. At the MS-67+ level, the present specimen is one of the finest known survivors. Just 12 others have been graded at this level by NGC and only 1 coin ranks finer at MS-68. A truly superior example fit for the most advanced collection of Morgan dollars or 19th century type.
Along with the 1883-O and 1885-O, the 1884-O comprised the bulk of approximately 10 million Mint State silver dollars released from storage in the Philadelphia Mint beginning in October of 1962. Thanks to these releases, the 1884-O is a readily obtainable issue in most Mint State grades. However, due to distracting bag-marks and other signs of improper handling and storage, most examples are limited to grades of MS-65 and lower. This piece is an important exception and is a true prize for quality connoisseurs.
PCGS# 7154. NGC ID: 254N.
NGC Census: 12; 1 finer in MS-68.